Acidity regulators

Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid

Type:Acidity regulators

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(Food grade)
English name Acetic acid
Other names Glacial acetic acid, ethanoic acid, ethylic acid
Molecular     C2H4O2;CH3COOH
CAS No. 64-19-7
CNS No. 01.107
E No. E260
EINECS 200-580-7
FEMA No. 2006
JECFA No. 81
United Nations Dangerous Goods No. A 2789
Appearance and character Colorless transparent liquid with irritating acidity.
Molecular weight 60.05
Steam pressure 1.52kPa/20℃
Flash point 40 ℃(104℉)
Melting point 16.7℃
Boiling point 117.9 ℃
Explosion limit (%) 4.0~16
Incendiary Self-ignition temperature, 463 ℃
Density Relative density (water is 1); solid 1.27, liquid 1.05; relative density (air is 1) 2.07
Stability Stable at room temperature
Solubility Mixed with water, ethanol, ether, acetone,
benzene, glycerin, etc.;
Chroma/ (Platinum - Cobalt /)    <10
Purity w/% >99.5

Glacial acetic acid, in other words Aanhydrous acetic acid, is an organic compound. It solidifies at low temperature, with an ice-like shape. The acetic acid with a purity over 98% can be considered as pure acetic acid, whose state is liquid above 14℃ , and solid below 14 ℃. This kind of acetic acid is usually called glacial acetic acid because its solid state looks like ice. Anti-freezing measures should be considered, even in the weather warmer than ice-frozen days, in winter in the north.

An important basic chemical, Acetic acid is an organic compound widely used in the organic synthesis industry, showing its importance of application in heavy chemistry, food, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, pesticides and other industries. Food-grade acetic acid can be used as acidity regulator, acidifying agent, pickling agent, flavoring agent, etc. It can also inhibit the growth of microorganisms in food.

It is often used in tomato sauce, mayonnaise, drunken glacial sugar sauce, pickles, cheese, sugar products, etc. When properly diluted, it can also be used to make canned food like tomatoes, asparagus, baby food, sardines, squid, and so on, as well as sour cucumber, broth, cold drinks, and sour cheese. When used in spices, it needs to dilute, can be used in production of soft drinks, cold drinks, candy, baked food, puddings, gum, condiments etc. As an acidity regulator, it can be used to make beverages, cans, etc.

Specification - food grade glacial acetic acid
Type: Glacial acetic acid (content more than 99.5%)
Pack: 25 kg/barrel, 200 kg/barrel

Specification - Food grade glacial acetic acid
Color   Colorless transparent -
State   Liquid -
Acetic acid content W/%   99.5 Appendix A.4
Potassium permanganate test   Pass Appendix A.5
Evaporation residue    W/%   0.005 Appendix A.6
Crystallizing point ℃    15.6 GB/T 7533
Rate of brewing acetic acid (naturality) %   95.0 GB/T 22099
Heavy metals (in Pb) mg/kg   2.0 GB 5009.74
As mg/kg   ≤ 1.0 GB 5009.76
Free mineral acid   Pass Appendix A.7
Color /(Hazen) 20.0 GB/T 3143 (using 100 mL color tube)

This product meets the requirements of China's national standard《 GB1886.10-2015 Glacial acetic acid》.