Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose


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Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose
   The product is a widely used pharmaceutical material. It can be used as thickeners, dispersants, emulsifiers, and film-forming agent. It can work as film coating or binder in the pharmaceutical tablet, significantly improve the dissolution of the medicament, and enhance the water resistance of the tablet. It also serves as suspensions, ophthalmic preparations, sustained-release control agent skeleton and floating tablets. In combination with other synthetic polymers and colloidal drug, HPMC can prevent separation of water and ethanol from transparent Hydrocolloid medicament, improve water retention. It can be thickeners and emulsifiers and improve the rheological properties in food, cosmetic and other household chemical industries. Now the product also becomes the main raw material of capsules of medicinal plant.


60HD(2910) 65HD(2906) 75HD(2208)
Methoxy (WT%) 28.0-30.0 27.0-30.0 19.0-24.0
Hydroxypropoxy(WT%) 7.0-12.0 4.0-7.5 4.0-12.0
Gelation temperature (℃) 58.0-64.0 62.0-68.0 70.0-90.0
(2% solu. 20 0C)   
35615504000 504000 100400015000100000
Loss on drying (%) ≤ 5.0
Residue on ignition (%) ≤ 1.5
pH 4.0-8.0
Heavy metals (ppm) ≤20
Arsenic ≤ 2.0

Standard:《GB 1886.109-2015  》